Sashti Viratham September 2012 Date | Monthly Shashti Fasting Dedicated to God Muruga

Sashti Viratham is observed on the sixth day during the Shukla Paksha or bright phase of moon as per a traditional Hindu calendar & Tradition. Sashti Viratham September 2012 dates is September 3. It is a monthly fasting dedicated to Hindu god Muruga (known as Kartik in North and western parts of India). Special pujas and rituals are also held on the day in Muruga Temples. Kartik is God of Hindu

Muruga, also known as Skanda, Vadivela, Shanmukha and Subramanian, is widely worshipped in South India, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and Sri Lanka especially by Tamilians and Malayalis. In North India, Muruga is known as Kartik or Kartikeya.

Fasting on Sashti is considered highly beneficial and some devotees observe a complete fast for 24 hours.
There are two Sashti fasting dates in a month one each during the waxing phase of moon and another during the waning phase of moon. Most devotees fast during the Sashti falling during waxing phase of moon.
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Guru Paduka Stotram MP3 Download Free | Guru Paduka Panchakam MP3 Audio Song | Prayer to Guru

Visitor Can Download Guru Paduka Stotram Mp3 audio song Free From This Website. Guru Paduka Stotram (Guru Paduka Panchakam: Ananta Samsara Samudra Tara song) is a five-verse prayer dedicated to Guru (teacher). Written by Adi Shakara Bhagavatpada, Guru Panchaka stotram explains the importance of Guru in one’s life.

Lord Dakshinamurthi, Dattatreya Swami, Lord Hayagriva, Vyasa Bhagavan, Shirdi Saibaba, and other gods of Guru parampara are considered as Aadi Gurus in the universe of Hinduism and Indian Culture.

Download Guru Paduka Stotram Mp3 audio song

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Patanjali Week Celebrations 2012 | Maharishi Patanajli Yoga Festival 2012

The Second Patanjali Week Celebrations Will was Held At Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India from 18th to 25th October 2011. Patanjali Week festival is based on the historical findings that Maharishi Patanjali was born in village Gondarmau, near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. You can now register online to participate in the celebrations. The week long festival concentrates on the teachings of Maharishi Patanajli and Indian culture. Following Organisations will Arrange Festival - The World Community Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines (Italy), International Yog Confederation (IYC), Yog Confederation of India (YCI), The World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda (WMYA), European Yoga Federation, World Movement for Indian Fine Arts, Confederazione Ufficiale Italiana Di Yoga, Bhartiya Yog Anusandhan Kendra & many more organizations are part of the program.
The program is part of Yog Vidya Jagriti Abhiyan- International Holistic Health Movement programme run by Yog Confederation of India in association with Ministry of DoNER, Government of India, Government of Madhya Pradesh and many other national and International organizations.
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Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti 2012 | Agrawal and Agrahari Community Agrasen Jayanti Dates 2012

Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti is the Birth Anniversary of Maharaj Agrasen. The Agrawal and Agrahari community trace their origin to Maharaj Agrasena. Agrawal and Agrahari community Celebrates This Festival Very Much. Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti 2011 date is September 28. The birth anniversary is annually observed on the first day of the waxing phase of moon in Ashwin month – Ashwin Shukla Paksha Pratipada.

The popular belief is that Maharaja Agrasen was a contemporary of Sri Krishna. He was a Suryavanshi King in Dwapar Yuga. There are numerous other accounts that connect Agrasena Maharaj with Sri Krishna.

Legend has that Agrasena Maharaj did severe Tapas and invoked Shiva, who advised him to worship Goddess Lakshmi. Agrasena Maharaj then performed tapas for Goddess Lakshmi. She appeared and asked him to take up business profession for the prosperity of his people. Thus Agrawal and Agrahari community members follow the tradition of business.

Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti is observed annually on the first day of the waxing phase of moon in Ashwin month – Ashwin Shukla Paksha Pratipada.
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Soubhagyavati Shradh Ninth Day of the Pitru Paksha | Soubhagyavati Shradh Dates 2012

Soubhagyavati Shradh is observed on the ninth day of the Pitru Paksha fortnight and is dedicated to women who did not die as a widow. This Comes Every Year. It is observed during the waning phase of moon (Krishna Paksha) in Ashwin month. Soubhagyavati Shradh 2012 date is September 21. Soubhagya Vati Shradh rituals and rites are strictly followed for women who died when their husbands were alive.

In some regions, the no rituals are performed on the day. Instead food or meal is offered to the married woman’s soul. Some people also feed a Sumangali (married women) on the day.

Soubhagyavati rituals vary from region to region and from community to community. But in all regions on the day, Shradh is performed for one's mother or any other woman in the family, who did not die a widow.

In the rituals, instead of deities, demigods known as dhurilochan whose eyes remain half closed are invoked. Dhuri means smoke and lochan means eyes; their eyes remain half closed due to smoke.
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Panchak October 2012 Date and Time | Hindu Calendar October 2012

Hindu Calendar October 2012 - Panchak is a period of five days in a Hindu lunar calendar as per traditional astrology and is considered to be inauspicious days. Marriages, buying, traveling etc are not performed by some Hindu communities during the period. Panchak October 2011 dates are from October 7 to October 12. Time: Panchak begins at 9:34 PM on October 7, 2012. It ends at 6:46 PM on October 12.

Panchak is the transition of Moon from Kumbha Rashi (or Aquarius Zodiac) and Meena Rashi (or Pisces Zodiac).

Panchak is strictly followed by certain Hindu communities and they do not travel during the period and do not perform any auspicious ceremonies.
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Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesh Visarjan Ganpati Immersion 2012 Date, Pictures Photos Pics

Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesh Visarjan Ganpati Immersion 2012 Date, Pictures Photos Pics Ganesh Visarjan date in this year is on Wednesday Anant chaturdashi day. Here are the Ganpati Immersion pictures or Vinayaka Nimajjanam photos or Ganesh nimarjan pics.

Ganesh immersion dates, Ganapati Nimajjan is the culmination day of 12-day Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Usually, Ganesh immersion is held on Anant Chaturdashi day. Genrally GaneshVisarjan is performed on the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th or the 10th day of Ganesh Navratri festival. Anant Chaturdashi is also the last day of the Hindu festival of Ganeshotsav. On this day, people travel to the waterfront with the idols, large and small, dancing and singing in large processions. Lord Ganesha is departed, only to be welcomed the next year with equal excitement. visarjan 2010, ganesh visarjan 2010, ganesh visarjan, ganpati visarjan 2012 lalbaugcha raja visarjan 2010 lalbaugcha raja visarjan 2011, lalbaugcha raja aarti, lalbaugcha raja live, ganesh visarjan 2012 Ganesh Visarjan 2010 date in this year is on Wednesday 22nd of September Anant chaturdashi day. Here are the Ganpati Immersion pictures or Vinayaka Nimajjanam photos or Ganesh nimarjan pics.Ganesh immersion dates 2010, Ganapati Nimajjan

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