Karkat Sankranti 2018 Karkataka Sankranti or Karka Sankramana

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Karkat Sankranti, also known as Karkataka Sankranti or Karkidaka Sankranti or Karka Sankramana, the day during when Sun transits to Karka rashi (Cancer zodiac) from Mithuna rasi (Gemini zodiac). In 2011, Karka Sankranti date is July 17.
In Orissa, Karkat Sankranti is celebrated with much gusto. Devotees perform sankraman punya snan and worship Lord Jagannath in Puri.
Dakshinayanam or Pitrayanam begins on Karka Sankranti (July 17, 2011) day in South Indian calendars.
As per Kerala calendar, Karkidaka sankranti marks the beginning of Karkidaka masam which is also known as Ramayana masam. Aadi month begins on same day in Tamil calendar.


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