Madhushrawni Vrat Katha, Madhushravani Tritiya 2017 – Madhusravani Vrat 2017 Date

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Madhushravani Tritiya or Madhusravani Vrat is a main ritual observed during Shravani month in North Indian states. Madhushravani Tritiya vrat 2017 date is 2 August 2017. In some places it is also observed for 13 days (begins on July 20 and ends with Madhushrava Tritiya). Madhusrava Tritiya vrat katha or the stories of this vrata are recited daily during 13 days of Puja.

During the festival of Madhushrava Tritiya, newly married girls stay at their parent’s home. Special recipes are sent to bride’s home from bridegroom’s home. Nag Devata is worshipped on Madhushrava Tritiya festival.


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