Tallest Goddess Durga idol during Durga Puja 2017

The Goddess Durga murti created by the Kolkata Salt Lake FD Block Puja Committee in association with Fever 104 FM Radio is the tallest Durga Puja idol in 2017. The idol is 14.5 meter tall. The murti and pandal is created using environment friendly materials.

The Durga murti won’t be immersed but will be dismantled after the pujas.
The murti is held firmly with 150 teak pillars and more than 2000 bamboo poles.
The back drop of the murti is a huge mountain.
The entire murti is made using fiber glass. Crown, face, body, waist and legs were created separately and assembled to form the 14.5 meter Goddess Durga.
The height of the face of Goddess Durga is 10 feet – from forehead to neck.


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