Kushmanda Navami 2016 Kartik Kushmand Amla Navmi

Kushmanda navami, also known as kushmand Ninth, is observed on Shukla Paksha Navami day in Kartik month. Kushmanda Navami 2016 date is November 4. Kushmand Navmi is named after Kushmand fruit (pumpkin). It is also associated with the legend of kushmandasur Vadha (demolition of demon Kushmanda) by Lord Vishnu.

Kushmand Navami is associated with a popular legend of two brahmin brothers called Dhananjaya and krishna. They lived a happy life together and when they died Dhananjay attains the heaven whereas his brother, Krishna, was sent to hell. It is because of their results of puja and daan during the month of Kartik. Dhananjay performed Kartik Snan and donated a pumpkin full of gold to a Brahmin. But was unable to do the punya karya and puja during Kartik maas. Thus, it is believed that those who perform charity or offer food or any other offerings to Brahmin or to any poor during kartik month will attain salvation.

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