Pancha Ganapati Festival 2017, Puja | Panchamukha Ganesh

Pancha Ganapati Puja, Panchamukha Ganesh Festival

Pancha Ganapati or Pancha Ganesh vrat is a five-day Ganapati Puja observed in December month. Pancha Ganesh vrat begins on December 21 and ends on December 25. Panchamukha Ganapati, the five-faced Ganesha is worshipped during this modern festival. A special puja or sadhana is performed on each day of Pancha Ganapati. The puja procedure or vrata vidhanam of Pancha Ganapati is very similar to all other Ganesh pujas like Ganesh Chaturthi and Sankashti Chaturthi.
Panchamukha Ganapati
Panchamukha Ganapati

Devotees clean their houses during the puja and draw rangoli in front of their houses inviting Lord Ganesh into their homes. Puja place is sanctified with Gangajal or normal water and rangoli are drawn. A small mandap is built in the middle. A picture or idol of Ganesh is placed on the mandap and offered Shodashopachar or Panchopachar puja. Special naivedyam is offered on each day. On Each day of Pancha Ganapati, a colour of items.. flowers, sweets, fruits etc.. are used for Ganesh puja. Ganesh is also adorned in that particular color.

In 2017, Pancha Ganapathi Puja has great significance. The last day of this vrata is also celebrated as Hanuman Vratham in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The third day of the vrata is Mukkoti Ekadasi (Vaikunta Ekadasi / Mokshada Ekadasi).

In 2012, as per Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati & all other North Indian Hindi calednars, Pancha Ganapathi Puja begins on Shukla Paksha Navami in Margashirsha Month and ends on Shukla Trayodasi.

December 21 – yellow colour, December 22 – blue colour, December 23 – red colour, December 24 – green and December 25 – orange colour is used in Pancha Ganapati puja procedure.

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