Nilkanth Mahadev Temple Dausa Rajasthan Shiv Mandir

Nilkanth Mahadev Temple - A large stone Linga, was also found whose top only is visible above the ground. It originally belonged to a Shiv Temple on the summit of the hill and a temple of Nilkanth Mahadev now occupies the site. The Temple is situated on the Aravali mountain range is at the centre of Dausa district. The temple is situated at the top of a hill. The temple is said to be 100-200 years old. Rajput kings used to have security arrangements adjacent to the temple. Cannons are still seen on the temple complex. Another interesting aspect linked to faith held by the devotees is the tiny stone structures bearing the semblance of houses at the sidewalks on the way to temple. These are built by pilgrims on their way to the shrine believing that this would fulfill their wishes of having a house of their own.


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