Dev Uthani Ekadashi 2015 Devutthi Agyaras

Ekadasi Fasting is dedicated to Srihari Vishnu. Ekadashi November 2015 dates are November 6 and November 21. The Ekadasi on November 6, 2011 is of great importance as it marks the end of the Chaturmasa Vrata, the Tulsi Vrata begins on the day, Pandarpur Kartik Ekadasi yatra is also observed on the day.

Ekadasi is observed on the 11th day of the waxing phase (Shukla Paksha) and waning phase (Krishna Paksha) in a traditional Hindu month.

The Ekadashi on November 6, 2011 is known as Prabodini Ekadasi.

The Ekadashi on November 21, 2011 is known as Utpanna Ekadasi.
Prabodini Ekadasi also the last Ekadasi in a cycle of Ekadasi fasting. The next Ekadasi is known as Utpanna Ekadasi and it is from this Ekadasi most people begin the next cycle of Ekadasi Fasting.

The Ekadasi on November 6 is the Kartik Ekadasi and it is also known as Dev Uthani Ekadashi.

Devutthi Agyaras marks the end of the Chatur Maas in Gujarat. Devutthi Agyaras is observed on the Shukla Paksha Ekadasi day in Kartik Month. Devutthi Agyaras 2011 date is on November 6, 2011. The popular belief is that the period of four month in which Vishnu was asleep ends on Devuthi Agyaras.

Certain Vishnu temples especially those dedicated to Vithal – Rukmini organize processions to mark the Devutthi Agyaras.

Marriages and most auspicious ceremonies which were not held for four months starting from Dev Podhi Agyaras day (Ashad Shukla Ekadasi) begins from Devutthi Agyaras


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