Aries Mesha Rasi 2016 Astrological Predictions | Mesh Rashi 2016 Horoscope Forecast

Annual Moon Sign Aries Mesha Rasi 2016 Horoscope Predictions

Free Moon Sign Aries Mesha Rasi 2016 Astrological Predictions Free Moon Sign Aries Mesh Rashi 2016 Horoscope Forecast

Year 2012 is overall auspicious for Mesha Rasi Aries sign natives. You can expect auspicious ceremonies at your home especially in the first half of year 2012. Your luck and destiny will support you and most of your ambitions will be fulfilled. You will travel and be benefited through them. Students will do well in this year especially first half. If you had been facing problems in your profession last year; that will look like resolving in the beginning of this year itself but it may take little more time for complete solutions. This could make you feel restless. Keep patience. Your seniors will back you in your tough time so it is good to keep control on your temperament and wait for good things to happen. You can expect improvement and financial betterment in this year. With the increase in the income, your expenses will also increase and you will plan to take some loans for betterment of the family and profession in later half of this year. But you will be disappointed to see your bank balance as there will no improvements despite improvement in earnings.

Your differences with friends and elders will also be resolved in later half. They will also do well in this year and will be in a position to support you in best possible ways. Pending disputes will start diminishing and you will be delighted to see the developments. This is the year when you will make new friends but you may leave few of them in later half due to misunderstanding and clashes.

This is the year when your priorities will shift from home to professional career. The home environment will not be conducive to keep you happy. There will be consistent mental unrest. You will look forward to support of luck for improvement in professional career and destiny will be right there to offer you all kind of support for your professional career. This year starts with situation improving in your favor but February to June 2012 will bring in difficulties in betterment. But, this is temporary period and you can be assured that you will finally be benefited.

If you are planning for some renovation or purchase of new house, it can happen in this year after some difficulties. You can also purchase new second hand vehicle in this year.

You will look forward to make quick money from trading but it is suggested to avoid haste decisions.

Students planning to change institution will get admission in a good institution but at distant place.

There could be health related issues to your self and spouse in later half of this year. Do not ignore any illness especially in later half of this year. There could be health problems related to abdomen, genitals or blood related problems. If you are unmarried, you will fall in love in this year and will feel anxious and disturbed on that account. You may also get married in this year.

If you are expecting professional settlement of your children, it will easily happen in this year by sheer luck. If you are expecting child birth in first half, you can expect male child after surgical intervention.


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