Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope | Sagittarius January 2016 Predictions, Sagittarius January 2016 Daily Weekly, Dhanu Rashi, Dhanu Rasi, Sagittarius

Sagittarius January 2016 horoscope, Sagittarius January 2016 Predictions, Sagittarius January 2016 Daily Weekly, Dhanu Rashi, Dhanu Rasi, Sagittarius

Sagittarius January 2012 General Predictions / Dhanu Rashi Rasi Sagittarius January 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Sagittarius January 2012 Horoscope, Dhanu rashi horoscope in January 2012

Sun in Lagna till 14th then in 2nd H; Mercury in Lagna on 4th then in 2nd H on 24th; Venus in 3rd H on 9th; Jupiter in 5th H; Ketu in 6th H; Mars in 9th H; Saturn in 11th H; Rahu in 12th H.

Detailed Predictions for Sagittarius Sign Dhanu Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Sagittarius, Dhanu

Sagittarius January 2011 1st to 4th and 27th to 31st of this month for Sagittarius, Vrishchika rashi horoscope would bring mixed results. Along with general obstacles in day to day life you would get some sort of benefit in economic matters. You may have to face few difficulties in your business and trade but you may get support from people who are associated with politics and government. Your expenses may soar due to wrong indulgence. There could be some disappointment at workplace. However, it is also a good time for success and promotion. The most positive side of this period is that you would be more inclined towards different areas of knowledge, music and writing. You would also be keen in in-depth study of astrology, philosophy or literature. Though there would be support and happiness in family especially children but health of a family member may bring worries for you. Your health would also require attention. You might feel doubtful and disgusted of people around you. if you consciously keep your grief at bay and do not get into arguments or conflicts then these days would give you happiness.

From January 2012 4th to 9th Sagittarius, Dhanu rashi natives would see progress in business or at workplace. Previous obstacles related to your profession or job would recede and economically you would be benefited and earn considerable amount of profit. Though your enemies would constantly bother you but you would come out victorious after few difficulties and further gain from them. There could be fame and recognition which might come from your community or society. You may also recover your stuck up money and may gained from ending money. This period would also bring worldly comforts, enjoyment of exotic cuisine and close sensual encounter with opposite sex. However, your health may need focus and attention. Any physical complaint needs immediate consideration otherwise you may develop diseases of chronic nature. Try to keep a balanced relation with your spouse. However, be careful while driving as there is possibility of accidents.

The days from 9th to 14th January 2012 for Sagittarius , Dhanu Rashi horoscope mainly signifies suffering due to ailments. You may get affected by minor to major physical disorder and bodily pain. You would be susceptible to weakness, muscle pain and decayed of physical strength. During these days do not risk your life as wound may cause by some weapons. Problems in day to day life would bother you. You need to control your anger, aggressiveness and impulsive behavior to avoid getting into conflicts. Maintain a cordial relation with people around you. Unnecessary fear and mental agony may prove taxing for your mind. However, you may get a sense of satisfaction from performing any spiritual or religious activities or might get involved in charitable deeds.

Sagittarius, Dhanu January 2012 14th to 18th would certainly bring good business contacts, gains through ancestral property. Recognition and merit in work environment would be your source of success. Sudden financial gains are also on cards and would get opportunities earn wealth. You may expect some get together of friends or of family at your place or may attend such occasion. There would be ups and downs in the study of students but who are aspiring for foreign studies might fulfill their dreams. During these days you would also enjoy good clothes, exotic culinary, other worldly comforts or pleasures and close company of opposite sex.

Sagittarius January 2012 18th to 20th would bring in heavy expenditures which might worry you. you need to give thought before you execute you investment plans as you may incur loss of capital. There are chances of losing some valuable things due to your own carelessness. You need to stay away from any difference of opinion or disagreements during this period as it would give misunderstanding and create unnecessary enmity. Thus, deal carefully with people around. You would feel less courageous and confident. Your number of rivals may increase which might create obstacles in your important works.

From 20th to 22nd January 2012 for Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi horoscope there would be ample opportunities when you are likely to enjoy excellent and delicious food, good clothes, perfume and other desired worldly things. Your love relationship would see an improvement and give you close sensual moments and happiness. You may also experience appreciation from your community or at workplace. Monetarily this would be a fortunate time. You might recover your old dues and attain financial goals. However, try not to be too sensitive more than what is good for you.

Your profits would see some delay and may bring setbacks from 22nd to 24th January 2012. You may feel being cheated or experience anxieties due to no apparent reasons. You might find it difficult to handle ordinary affairs of your life. You may feel less compassion, mentally low and get irritated with your near and dear ones. Try not to act out of frustration otherwise it may otherwise it may damage your reputation. Keep an eye on your expenses as it may rise beyond your budget. Your health would require care and time. You might develop headaches or problems with your eyes.

24th to 27th January 2012 for Sagittarius, Dhanu denotes happiness and contentment for you. You may expect an upward move in financial matters. Your professional field might give you a rise in position. Your ventures would earn profits and get success in your undertakings. You are likely to spend good times with your siblings and your rapport with them would be better. If they are staying away from you then you might have a get together with them either at your place or you might visit them. You would also win over your enemies and further widen your circle of friends. Moreover, you would indulge in good clothes, best of food and other worldly pleasures. Your interest in religious or spiritual things would rise and may cheer you as well.


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