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Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2018, Shankhu Sthapana, Auspicious date and time for Construction of House

Bhumi Pujan or Shankhu Sthapana (Foundation stone installation) is a Hindu ritual associated with starting the construction of house, office or any other building. In some places, during Bhumi Poojan, a Shankhu (conch) is installed at a place by digging the soil for few feet. After Bhumi Pujan, you can start the work whenever you want. And there is no need to choose for a best muhurat for starting work as the Bhoomi Poojan itself is considered the initiation of the work of construction. (Note: In Hindu calendar, from the sunrise to next sunrise, a day is considered).

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat in January 2018, Gruha Arambha dates and Time in January 2018
  1. 25 January 2012, Wednesday: Shukla Dwitiya, Dhanishta Nakshatra, Meena Lagna. Best Time: 9.29 am to 11.03 am. Pushkaramsha – 9.51 am and Shubhamsha – 10.28 am.
  2. 25 January 2012, Wednesday: Shukla Tritiya, Shatabhisha nakshatra, Dhanu lagna. Best time: Night 3.49 hrs to 5.58 hrs (early morning on 26 January). Shubhamsha – night 4.39 hrs, Pushkaramsha – Night 5.18 hrs, Vargottamamsha – Night 5.48 am.

  3. 26 January 2012, Thursday: Shukla Tritiya, Shatabhisha nakshatra, Meena lagnam. Auspicious Time: 9.25 am to 10.59 am. Pushkaramsha – 9.47 am

  4. 27 January 2012, Friday: Shukla Panchami, Uttarabhadra nakshatra, Dhanur lagna. Auspicious muhurtham: Night 3.41 hrs to 5.50 hrs. Shubhamsha – night 4.31 hrs and Pushkaramsha – night 5.10 hrs.

  5. 28 January 2012, Saturday: Shukla Panchami, Uttarabhadra nakshatra, Kumbha lagna. Auspicious Muhurta: 7.38 am to 9.17 am. Vargotthamamsha – 8.37 am and Pushkaramsha – 8.57 am.

  6. 28 January 2012, Saturday: Shukla Sashti, Revati nakshatra, Dhanu lagna. Best time: night 3.37 hrs to 5.46 hrs. shubhamsha – night 4.27 hrs, pushkaramsha – night 5.06 hrs and vargottamamsha – night 5.36 hrs.

  7. 29 January 2012, Sunday: Shukla Sashti, Revati nakshatra, Kumbh lagna. Best time: 7.34 am to 9.13 am. Shubha amsha: 7.40 am, vargottama amsha: 8.23 am and pushkara amsha: 8.53 am.

  8. 29 January 2012, Sunday: Shukla Saptami, Ashwini nakshatra, Dhanu lagnam. Best time: night 3.33 hrs to 5.42 hrs. shubha amsha: night 4.23 hrs, pushkara amsha: night 5.02 hrs and vargottama amsha: night 5.32 hrs.

  9. 30 January 2012, Monday: Shukla Saptami, Ashwini nakshatra, Kumbha lagna. Auspicious muhurta: 7.30 am to 9.09 am. Shubha amsha: 7.36 am, vargottama amsha: 8.19 am and pushkara amsha: 8.49 am.

  10. 30 January 2012, Monday: Shukla Saptami, Ashwini nakshatra, Meena lagna. Auspicious muhurat: 9.09 am to 10.43 am. Pushkaramsha: 9.31 am and shubhamsha: 10.08 am.
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