Nine colours of Navratri 2015 Dress Colors during Navaratri

Navratri Colours 2015, Nine colours of Navratri 2015. Navratri, Navaratri, or Navarathri is a Hindu festival of worship and dance. Nine colours of Navratri 2011 Dress Colors during Navaratri
The word Navaratri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti/Devi are worshipped. During the Nine-day festival of Navratri there is a custom of wearing different colour dress (Sarees and Churidar) mainly in Gujarat and Maharashtra. For the question What are the Navratri 2010 colours, The local newspapers to publish the Navaratri colors of dressing for Navratri to office and prayers. We will let you know the Navratri sari colors for 2010 as we receive it.The nine Navratri colors for 2010 published on local newspapers on October 6, 2010. They are:
  1. Pratipada – Oct 8, 2010 (Friday) – Green

  2. Dwitiya – Oct 9 (Saturday) – Grey

  3. Tritiya – Oct 10 (Sunday) – Pink

  4. Chaturthi – Oct 11 (Monday) – White

  5. Panchami – Oct 12 (Tuesday) – Red

  6. Shasti – Oct 13 (Wednesday) – Blue

  7. Saptami – Oct 14 (Thursday) – Yellow

  8. Ashtami – Oct 15 (Friday) – Violet

  9. Navami – Oct 16 (Saturday) – Peacock Green
(please note that peacock green is a mixture of Pure and blue – this color is just to give an idea.) 9 colours of navratri, navratri colours, nine colours of navratri 2015, navratri fasting, navratra nine colours of navratri 2016, navratri 2015, navratri colours 2015, navratri in 2015, navratri


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