Yama Dvitiya 2015 Yam Dwitiya Bhai Bij Beej Dhooj

Yama Dvitiya or Yam Dwitiya is the last day of five-day Diwali celebrations. Yama Dwitiya 2011 date is 28 October 2011, Friday. Yam Dwitiya is also called as Bhai Dhooj or Bhai Bij or Bhai Beej. In South India, it is called as Yama Dwitiya. Legend of Yama Dwitiya is associated with the God of death – Yama Dharma Raj. He visit his sister Yamis home on this day.

In North India, it is widely celebrated as Bhai Dhooj. In Bengal this festival is celebrated as Bhai Phonta or Bhai Phota. Bhai Tika is the other name of this festival in Nepal.

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